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MediaSkyscraper is an English based company run by Megan Daniel that specialise in link building outreach and link auditing, as these are the most critical components to your success at driving traffic straight from the search engines to your website! Not only do we specialise in growing your web properties, but we also write in-depth weekly articles about E-A-T, Quality Rater Guidelines, Link Building, Link Penalties, and Google Updates. Basically, anything and everything related to SEO, you can count on us to cover.

Everybody knows links are the NO.1 ranking factor on Google...

The trouble was getting good links that help your rankings, send referral traffic, and most importantly, don't get your website penalised by Google.

We saw a gap in the market for a company that joins up writers from well known, high domain authority, high traffic websites and those looking for their website to be featured(linked to) on those sites to boost their rankings, traffic and revenue. Since 2018 we have been working with numerous agencies and businesses facilitating this exact process above with outstanding results.

We are one of the only companies in the market that facilitate a natural link building process and most importantly, make sure ALL the accompanying content with your backlink is written to the same reading level and writing style as the rest of the content from that editor on the site.

But MediaSkyscraper, why is this so important?

We surmised in early 2018 that Google was heavily favouring sites that had established and trustworthy authors that wrote with industry-specific writing levels (TF-IDF). This was confirmed to be true by John Mueller (Google), who confirmed later that year that; Google does indeed factor in writing levels and therefore reading levels when ranking your website compared to other websites in your niche.

And as a result of this, we knew that as Google's algorithm became more and more intelligent (utilising this new technology more stringently), as would its ability to suss out unnatural writing, unnatural linking techniques, and untrustworthy sources of information.

Criteria that lower domain authority sites that promoted and allowed guest posts (with followed links) and lower DA sites buying low-quality guest posts would obviously fall victim to.

Lo and behold, say hello to the June 2019 Broad Core Algorithm Update that heavily penalises sites with multiple authors (especially guest posters) that show a lack of authority, trust, and expertise. Say au revoir to guest posting as you know it.

All traditional link building and guest posting will soon be dead in the water and continue to be penalised accordingly. If you want to rank your websites in 2019 and beyond you have to outreach to high-quality websites manually whether it be via MediaSkyscraper or yourself.

The benefits of using us to do link building outreach vs doing it yourself is simple: ridiculously high link placement success rate (this is our area of expertise and all we focus our attention on), access to link sources that only an insider has access to, and infinite scalability.

If you have any questions about what we do or are interested in any of our services then you can contact us here, or on live chat in the bottom right hand corner!

What we do?

We Serve
Whether you run your own business/agency or work for someone else, we can help grow your rankings, with high domain authority, highly relevant evergreen backlinks.

See: Gold Link Outreach & Website Link Outreach & Edit Link Outreach
And Protect
We can also protect websites from the dangers of negative SEO, bad back linking and manual penalties; issues that can wipe sites off of Google in just one algorithm update.

See: Link Audit

What we provide?

Excellent Support
We are available on live chat and via email from 8am-8pm so responses to any queries or questions will be fast.

If you have a complex proposal we can also schedule phones calls throughout the day.
Targeted Results
Our number one priority is achieving results for you.

Getting you high-quality links = increase in rankings = increase in traffic = increase in revenue.

The more high quality links you have pointing to your site, the more revenue your company will generate...

It's really that simple.
Evergreen Links
All links you obtain from our outreach will be as natural as possible.

No PBN links, no sites that link out to irrelevant sites for money, no guest posting sites.

We will only outreach to high-quality sites that post quality content, get traffic, and also have clean backlink profiles.

Likewise, we will only accept customers with high quality, non-spammy sites.