Edit Link Outreach


Get links from pages Google already loves!

We can get your URL inserted into high-quality pages that Google already trusts and ranks.

Stop wasting your time - have your links posted directly into a blog post or article that's already ranking...

Through our years of experience working with and outreaching to other webmasters, we have created a successful outreach strategy for getting your links placed contextually within webmasters pre-existing content.

Webmasters and editors of these sites will insert your link into their content that is already ranking on Google, within your niche.

We use aged and authoritative blog posts, pages, and articles from relevant high DA sites, that are trusted by Google.


But MediaSkyscraper, why is this so important?

Our Edit Link Outreach guarantees that your link will be put onto a page that is already performing well and is already indexed by Google. This means quicker link building and quicker link indexing.

Most of the time link outreaching means waiting for a piece of content to be created with your link, waiting for it to be crawled by Google and then waiting for people to begin viewing that content. But, with this service, you will be cutting out all that time lost in the middle!

The good news for you: quicker link building (without the need to create a whole new piece of content) and quicker link indexing means faster increases in traffic and most importantly, quicker increases in revenue.

It gets even better...

Because the webmaster/contributor/editor is not having to create a new piece of content for you (and only has to update the current content with your link and surrounding paragraph), the price decreases enormously compared to a fresh piece of content and link on an equivalent site. 


Enter the keyword and url you want the backlink pointed to (in the checkout) and then pay.
We begin outreaching to websites and a contextual paragraph will be added (with your link contextually placed inside) to a piece of content within your niche indexed by Google.
Upon completion of the backlink from our outreach you will be notified via email and via your order/s located within your Client Dashboard.



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"Excellent customer service, worth every penny!"
"I was worried at first about paying out a larger sum of money every month to get backlinks but within the first couple of months it was paying for itself and then some. The business I receive back from the investment in backlinks has made it so worth it!"
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