Gold Link Outreach


Get links from sites you could have only dreamt of previously, and watch your traffic skyrocket...

We reach out to the editors on your behalf, so you don't have to.

Are you willing to stop throwing time and money down the drain attempting to obtain these links yourself?

I’m sure you’ve experienced the sheer frustration at just how hard it is to obtain these links on your own. Sending hundreds of emails only to get ignored for the most part and even when you do get a response, it’s from a webmaster just being polite, acknowledging receipt of your email and saying “thanks, but no thanks".

Or maybe you fall into the category of someone who has tried using an “agency" before who promised the world but just didn’t deliver?


Truth is...

Few people can actually deliver on promises of getting you links from the top sites in the world. We outreach to established, high da, high traffic sites that can get millions of hits every single month. Obtaining these links requires a lot of skill and understanding of every editor’s individual needs and wants. It also helps if they know who you are in the first place.

Unfortunately for most, success at link building is heavily dependant on who you know rather than what you know. You need to be trusted by editors and that is why it is so hard to do without the right connections.

The good news for you: We are known to major editors at huge sites and we have 5+ years experience successfully implementing our outreach strategies.

If you require the top-notch editorial links, then you need MediaSkyscraper in your corner.

Links are Googles No.1 ranking factor but traffic is your No.1 money-making factor.


The reason why premium links cost so much isn’t just because of the skill required to obtain them nor just because they help you rank so much higher on Google.


It’s also because of all that juicy referral traffic and we all know what traffic means:


These established sites you will be getting links from have accrued big readership and huge trust. Not only will these super links be helping you rank for the keyword(s) of your choice, but they will be driving laser targeted referral traffic to your designated page.

This is why successful companies spend most of their SEO budget on obtaining premium links that rocket their rankings on the search engines and drive direct referral sales!


Enter the keyword and url you want the backlink pointed to (in the checkout) and then pay.
We begin outreaching to writers on your desired site and an editorial, relevant piece of content will be created with your link contextually placed inside.
Upon completion of the backlink from your desired website you will be notified via email and via your order/s located within your Client Dashboard.



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