Googles Latest Quality Rater Guidelines Updated for 2019: What Does This Mean for Ranking?


Areas of expertise: E-A-T, Quality Rater Guidelines, Link Building, Link Penalties, Google Updates, Site drop Diagnostics.

Studied: University of Kent BSC

Based in: London, UK.

I'm fascinated by Google updates and how they affect rankings. As well as helping sites build QUALITY links, or helping sites recover that have received link penalties or drops in their traffic.

Most of the time you'll find me analysing sites; from their overall quality and E-A-T to their backlink profiles, as well as studying recent Google updates :)

  1. Its short simple and best content. better than semrush or search engine general all of they doing is confusing the users in thousands of words content.
  2. The guidelines instruct the quality raters to focus on certain signals and page properties for the purpose of judging the quality of those pages. What they are instructed to look for are not ranking factors.
    1. Correct. We did articulate this within the post also :) "Do the Quality Rater Guidelines have an effect on rankings? Not directly, but as we said previously they show a window into what Google’s ethos is at that time. And from everything we have seen, these QRGs have always been reflective of something Google wants to change to how they rank or something that they are already doing. As Googles VP of search said regarding the guidelines"

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