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Save your site from the sharp teeth of negative SEO, manual penalties and low-quality backlinks...

We do the hard work, so you don't have to.

But MediaSkyscraper, why are link audits so important for SEO?

If you aren’t getting high DA, high REL, high traffic links then your website is asking to be penalised by Google…

We make sure only the above type of links are left pointing to your website and will remove all the other dangerous links destroying your rankings.

We continually highlight the importance of high DA, high traffic, relevant backlinks, because this is the most important part of successful SEO, and is something that has become essential since the Penguin update in 2012 and the Page Rank patent update last year if you wish for your site to not get binned by Google (see our Google Updates Guide here).


Obtaining links is only half of the job….

As Google places such heavy weighting on obtaining these links to rank well then it is obvious that you need to be vetting all links pointing to your site and removing those links that paint a less than savoury image of your site to Google and its users.

Unfortunately, you can be doing great SEO in terms of bringing in new backlinks, and creating great content that fulfils users search intent. But, if you have low quality, spammy backlinks pointing to your site, then you will be throwing most of your hard work and money that you’ve invested, straight down the drain.

Why are low-quality backlinks pointing to my site and limiting my rankings?

1. Negative SEO: a site has deliberately pointed low quality, spammy links to your site in order to push you down the rankings?

2. Low-quality sites have seen your awesome content and used you as a resource, but are now costing you resources?

3. You’ve built low quality, easy to obtain links yourself that worked prior to a Google algorithm update but are now costing you money?

4. You’ve paid for cheap link building that used to rank you but no longer is effective?


Get us to remove the backlinks plaguing your sites rankings!

Having a clean backlink profile is one of the cornerstones of successful SEO, and without it, there is no foundation to build a high traffic, high DA, high-quality site.

Building expensive, high-quality links on a site with a bad backlink profile is akin to building a house on sand…

It will crumble and fall.

And with it, wasted all the hours and thousands of pounds spent ranking your site.

We all know that the most important thing for any site is to get as close to the top of Google as possible because….

More traffic = more money-making ability.

What makes our Link Audit service so different?

We offer a manual link audit service at MediaSkyscraper (yes, completely manual) which we believe is the only type of link auditing service that should be used on a backlink profile. There are many automated audits available on the internet, but they use poor blanket judgements and will often disavow useful links, whilst missing unnatural links entirely.

A computer does not own a credit card and purchase products from a site, nor does not consume, process information, and apply context like a human does! If you really want an in-depth, granular audit of your site there is only really one option: Our Link Audit.

Not only do we go through all your links with a fine tooth and comb (unlike an automated audit), we also always attempt to email webmasters first to get the unnatural link removed before using a disavow file because;

1. Having the low-quality site entirely removed looks better on a backlink profile than a root domain just disavowed.

2. There is room for error with disavow files, oftentimes the character set text does not convert properly, meaning files are not properly disavowed.

3. It doesn’t stop your link getting replicated by other unwanted sites, as it is not removing the link from the original low-quality site, that can then have articles copied and new bad links generated.

You really do “get what you pay for" when it comes to link auditing, as it takes a lot of time, knowledge, and skill to fully audit a site correctly, making sure to remove all of the disease-ridden links and keep only medium and high-quality links.


Check how many root domains your site has linking to it (i.e. referring domains) by clicking here.
Select the service (in the checkout) that corresponds with the number of root/referring domains your site has linking to it.

Then enter your site url (in the checkout) and pay.
We will then begin manually reviewing ALL of the links on your website.

We then send you a list of links via email that we believe are low quality that should be removed via email outreach (we will do the email outreach for you free of charge but need your explicit permission to do so first).
We will then manually outreach to those sites and ask them to remove the link, and if we don’t hear back from them within 5 working days we will then add that site to your disavow file to send to Google.
Once all links have been reviewed, and low quality websites that link to you have been outreached to, we will then send you a spreadsheet via email showing all the sites we:

A. Recommend keeping (deemed high quality).
B. Recommend keeping (deemed medium quality).
C. Have removed successfully via email outreach (deemed low quality).
D. Couldn't remove via email outreach (deemed low quality).
We will also include a disavow file via email for any low-quality links that we couldn't get webmasters to remove. We highly recommend you upload this file to your Google Search Console which asks Google to stop attributing those links to your link profile and consequent rankings.

If you have submitted a disavow file to Google before, you just need to add our new disavow file contents to the top of your existing disavow file.



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